Dental Practice Management: Improving Your Front Office

A critical aspect of dental practise management entails improvement of the range and quality of services which you give to patients as they first walk through your front door. It calls for the best treatment possible to ensure loyalty and an ever-increasing client base.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, for every 100,000 patients there are about 75 medical professionals in Australia. Many more medical professionals are also setting up clinics. Hence, it’s vital that medical practitioners strive to offer better and better services, in order to remain competitive.

What Is The Front Office?

Also known as the reception, the front office is the first thing a potential client notes about your dental office. The face that welcomes him or her to your practice serves a vital role in shaping the perception of you and your dental team. Subsequently, the reception personnel and atmosphere should be warm and welcoming. Make sure to capitalize on this and make your reception area one of the strongholds of your office.

Why Revisit The Reception?

The reception is the face of your dental office and as such, one of the areas that the patient notices first. It is also the area that most patients spend a lot of time while waiting for their appointments. If they wait for their appointments within your reception and your dental team just sits around in awkward silence while staring at their feet, rest assured that you will lose such clients. Nobody loves a cold place!

What Can You Do?

Several dentists do not pay much attention to the reception. In fact, doctors’ plazas might not even have receptions for each and every practitioner, leading to patients getting frustrated. A well-manned reception creates a lasting impression on your patients. Listed below are some things you could implement with great returns on investment.

1. Annual Training Sessions

To keep in touch with the latest technological advancements, and refresh their communication and public relations skills, routine training sessions for staff members are a must. Furthermore, it is important to keep their morale high by showing appreciation for their contributions.

2. Improve The Reception Appearance

The reception is the first thing a patient notices. As such it should be one of the most well-maintained sections of the office. The front desk should be well arranged, stylish and free of unnecessary stuff. Something as simple as a bowl of candies will do a lot in setting your patients at ease and welcoming them. It would also be appropriate to enforce a dress code and degree of modicum among the staff. They should also be well groomed.

3. Comfort Should Be A Priority

As mentioned before, the reception is the area that patients spend most of their time while waiting for their appointments. Therefore, make sure to stock it with comfortable chairs and tables, supply a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of water and serve a few snacks. You can go the extra mile by installing Wi-Fi or a TV set to keep them occupied.

Basically, you shouldn’t make the mistake of neglecting your reception. It’s an area that plays a key role in creating patient loyalty. Take note that the oral healthcare field is experiencing increasingly greater demand and competitiveness. Therefore, you would only have yourself to blame for a non-performing dental practice, if you don’t improve on client satisfaction.